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Automation In Se9 ?


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The features list of SE9 lists track automation, mixer automation, etc. The only automation i have been able to figure out is manually editing the volume and pan curves.

Is there another way ???

Im looking to increase and lower volumes in certains spots, and make some pan changes here and there. Can you just use the controls in mixer and have it recorded somehow ?

Im used to other programs where there is a seperate automation record and you can move the pan controls and have it recorded as automation.

Any info appreciated.


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Hello Doc. Sorry you have not gotten a faster response on this. I am a Sam pro user so I hope the info I give you is correct for SE. On the mixer each channel should have a track button labeled "A" by the mute and record buttons. This is for automation. Tick the "A" and when you play your recording any volume or pan changes should get recorded.

I have used Samplitude for 9 years and have NEVER used this feature. I prefer the object editor for all of my automation. I keep all tracks panned center. Double click the lower half of a wave file on a track and the OE opens up. I pan here. If you use the cross fade tool you can pan through the cross fade. I also do all my volume changes by cross fading and using the OE to raise or lower volume and EQ changes, and any native plugins get used here also. I also utilize many of my aux sends here such as a delay on the end of a phrase. Undoing volume changes is far easier than undoing the automation at track level.

Hope this makes sense to you.



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Thanks a lot for the info. I dont know how i overlooked that A, all this time. Thanks to you i was able to to add some panning and volume swells etc to a piece ive been working on.

I dont quite get how to use the object editor to do this, but youve steered me in the right direction. The more i learn about Sam the better it gets.

thanks again

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