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Help With Cross-fading


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I have v6 so I don't have access to the other forums. Most of the functionality hasn't changed too much I don't think so I'm hoping that newer users can help.

The task at hand is not difficult, I'm just looking for the most efficient way to do it. I am editing recordings (radio recordings) and I want to edit out the speech between songs. Here is what I'm doing right now:

1. start with a single (long) object

2. split the object where the speech starts

3. split the next object (created from #2) where the speech ends

4. delete the middle object that contains the speech

5. on the 2nd object I drag the crossfade toggle at the beginning of the object for a fade-in

6. drag the 2nd object to the left over top of the first object and an auto crossfade is created. I'm not picky on how the crossfades sounds.

The above steps work but maybe there's an easier way. perhaps the middle object doesn't need to be created and deleted?


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