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8 Vsti Only Or Am I Missing Something?

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I was thinking about upgrading to Samp 10, the non-pro version. I just realized that it only supports 8 vsti though. Although the spec seems to be very clear, I can't quite believe this to be true. Only having 8 vsti per project seems extremely low to me. This would easily get chewed up by a couple of drum synths, 1 or samplers, and a few other synths. Even a really basic composition that incorporates various little bleeps and bloops would get maxed out extremely quick. It's hard to believe that a $500 program would do that. Having said that, for home/hobbiest users this is also probably the biggest single difference between the regular and pro version imo. So is the concept to shell out an extra $500 so a person can use more than 8 vsti? That's kind of weird...



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