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Dual Monitor Display And Console View Etc?


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i downloaded the demo and am running it on my pc, i have a dual monitor setup, 2 24" dells, i cannot seem to pull the background of samp across both, and when i pull the consol or mixer view to one monitor i cannot stretch it to fit the whole view. is there some setting that allows this?

in sonar or cubase i can stretch the mixer view all the way across and up and down to fill the screen even if i don' t have tracks that fill it?

just curious

thanks much

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The main window should stretch ok. The Mixer wont as its based on fixed pixels. There are many different mixers to be had - design and size wise. You'll have to look around and choose your favorite.



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yep your right, the main window pulls fine, its just the mixer that stays fixed

so that being said if i have the mixer and transport etc on one monitor and the main window stretched to fit the other one, and save it as a template, will it open up on both monitors like i save it? or will ihave to re create the views each time?

thanks for the help

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I run 2 monitors and my mixer shows up on the secon monitor when I open a project.

2 24"s should be really good as the mixer wont take up the full monitor so you can also have vst plugin windows up as well without skewing the view....at least I think so. :lol:

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