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Update Samplitude 10


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Yes, you can:


Still stays the question if it's REALLY a BEST PRICE. I would very appreciate if the update prices were a bit more reasonable. But there we can see that it is a PRO programm, I guess.

thanks !

I don't find the intructions to update samplitude 10 pro. Must i buy samplitude 10 pro and after magix repay ? Or can i update directely samplitude 10 pro with my account ?

Sorry, i don't find the solutions in the site.

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Hi Vince,

you just order a V10 Upgrade (from V9) and you will get a V10 box including an upgrade code from V9 pro to V10 pro.

With this code you can do the dongle licence update online. There is an explanation in the box and the manual as well.

Have a nice weekend!

André :lol:

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The "original invoice and disk" thing is only necessary if you want to buy a crossgrade. The price list is misleading in this regard. If you have registered V9 and so you are within our database, you can buy the upgrade anywhere and with the upgrade code, you can patch your codemeter (e.g. via internet connection) so that it allows to run V10.

  • update: free update within the same main version, e.g. from V10 to V10.1
  • upgrade: (often also called update): here you pay for an update, e.g. from V9 to V10 or from SE to PRO.
  • crossgrade: a special offer if you already have another DAW - you proove your DAW owning with the manual/disks or similar and get a special offer for the current Samplitude version.

Hope this helps.



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