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Q With Rewire And Samplitude


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Does anyone know if you can use multiple tracks rewired into Samplitude? By this I mean that if you have 10 synth tracks in the rewire slave, you can route each synth to a separate track in Samplitude. All I could see was routing the master stereo pair from the slave to 1 stereo track in Samplitude.


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Im not sure if this helps, but I use reason via rewire..I DONT use the mixer. I'll have the instrument tracks connected directly to the audio ouput channels in reason/rewire..all 64 channels and just delete channels I dont need.

If this is NOT what you need...i apologize.

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>Yeah, that is what I meant. It looks like I was missing the step where I need to configure the rewire slave to show more outputs. I was trying to find that option >in Samp (and of course it wasn't there).

Rewire multioutput implementation in Samplitude is very similar to VSTi multiple outputs.

You just need to configure the outputs either by right click on the record button of a track

or in the VSTi manager. You don't need to setup any "used" channels before - just use

them in your project.

The only difference to multioutput VSTi is the default setting: VSTi are set up to use all

output channels as default while Rewire as default uses only the master output.

This is because for VSTi the outputs usually are completely independent, while in

Rewire it seems very common to change the sound depending on the used outputs

(e.g. in Rebirth and Reason the master output changes, as soon you're starting to use

the individual outputs). So just connecting all outputs (e.g. to a single stereo track)

usually doesn't give the intended result with Rewire.



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