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Adjusting Gain In A Stereo Track

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I have a 2-track recording (2 stereo tracks) of a live concert, in which (due to a dodgy lead) the right channel volume on one track dips much lower than the left at a certain point. In Adobe Audition I can select the right channel only and increase the gain of the right channel to match the left, but the process is painfully slow (even on a Quad Core with 8GB RAM) and grinds the system virtually to a halt. I'm sure there must be a way to achieve the same thing in Samplitude, but as yet I haven't found it. If anyone can shed any light on this, I'd be very grateful.

Many thanks

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If there are only certain areas you need adjusting, find them and cut that area into an object. Next use crossfade into and out of the object. You should hear NO changes yet. Select that object and open the object editor and right click on the pan control. One option is left and right volume. Bring up the volume on the side you need.



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if the file has his sides so different, the only serious solution is the 2 mono files conversion, as Brian said. Then you can really see what happens, IMHO.



Many thanks for your suggestions. The stereo to 2 mono files conversion is the only way to go on this one, I think!

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