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Backwards File Compatibility

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I think I know the answer to this already, but I have a client who I've just about persuaded to purchase Samplitude 10 (not Pro). I am the moment on version 9 Pro - will I be able to open up his version 10 vip files in my version 9 ? Or will I need to upgrade first (which I would rather wait a little while to do)?



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I assume exporting as EDL wont take effects settings, etc ?

It should be no problem with opening v10 vip's in v9. It will obviously not open v10-only FX like am-munition(pro) and some types of automation might be fragile (much more complex automation in V10) but everything else will be ok afaik. I've done it a few times myself.. (owning two versions, updated only one at first- but now both are10's though :ph34r: )

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