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Sidechain In V 8/9 ?

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hi guys - im on samplitude 9 se - just giving it a bit of a look after i stumbled across an old copy of computer music. just wanted to know if its possible to sidechain with the internal routing and the waves c1 compressor or not...

thanks in advance

I don't think so - at least not 'real' side-chaining. I don't have C1, so I don't know for sure.

Maybe try the C1 in an aux channel and see if it can see the side-channel.

Ammunition in V10 is awesome for sidechaining by the way.:)


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yeah it looks wicked version 10 - and the more i dive into number 9 the more impressed i am - i think ive finally found my sequencer of choice!! it took me 4 years but i did it! im gonna have to buy it when i get the money together - incidentally anybody looking to get rid of a (boxed) copy? or even a copy of version 9? - pm me!! i live in australia and magix dont ship boxed copies internationally but if im buying software i need something physical to show for it - you know what i mean?

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