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Splitting Up Stere Tracks (to 2 Mono That Is...)


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hey, is there any easy way of splitting up stereo (2-channel or otherwise) into mono tracks easily in samp? in ProTools you can of course just drag from multi channel tracks into mono ones and in automatically breaks up. This would be the nicest way is samp had anything similar... Other programs, like cubase, lets you split the tracks when importiog, also pretty nice feature, maybe samp has this at least...

And I am aware that you can choose which channel you process, this is nice, but it would be cool if there was a feature that let you throw away the channel(s) you don't want...

hehe, im posting questions like crazy here, but it's just that i want to see if samplitude can funcion nicely with my workflow... and it seems to do just that...

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In Samplitude you will either:

-convert the file manually, and load then.

- load the file twice, virtually and use only one side by setting the Pan accordingly. (costs exactly 0% extra resources on runtime and saves 100% conversion time upon import)

- Work with the Stereo file within one track anyhow; especially if you do the same things on both sides all the time.



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