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Trouble With Korg Oasys And Samplitude


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Hi, I have a Korg Oasys, and I would like to know exactly how to midi rec from Oasys to Samplitude 10 demo..

I tried to have each midi channel or track, like 1 IN and 1 OUT, and so one...My present trouble, I can only be able to RECORD only one timbre or voice, and I am pretty sure we can do it....

Or ? do I have to RECORD only on midi track on general channel track 01? then, How to I split the muitiple midi tracks, into differents tracks, I mean like in Sonar, be able to use a CAL program...?

thanks you very kindly


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You can use the MIDI channel input filter and record on 16 MIDI tracks simultaniously,

but you can also record on one MIDI track and then use the MIDI demix command in the menu "MIDI". This command separates the MIDI data on several tracks, one track per MIDI channel.



Ok thanks Frank, this is helpfull. the MIDI DEMIX, Now, I am sorry but, from where do I do the input filter in Samplitude?

Also, I have something else, for example I have a Korg Oasys and a Korg PA1 Pro, when recording Midi in the Samplitude from the PA1, I had no trouble to truly REC the tracks from ALL to ALL on one Midi track method...Then I try do do the same with the Oasys, even if I follow the tutorial from Stephen at Karma lab, on How to REC Karma with an external sequencer, even if I have with Oasys, either in Combi mode or in internal sequencer mode, even if I rec only one Midi track with all, I am not able to truly REC the Karma modules coming from the Oasys, only the musical data, but not the kind fo accompagniment pattern generated by the Karma, then, would you think, it could be better to chain the Oasys midi OUT to PA1 Midi IN, and from there, send midi OUT to my soundcard an RME FF800 and back to Oasys? do you think if Oasys would be on Slave mode I would be able to truly rec the Karma module going into PA1 arranger workstation inside Samplitude....?

In fact, we have so many differents settings to make, I probably make a mistake somewhere, but, I could no see, yet, a simple way or tutorial on how to make either good midi setup with external gears...maybe you would have some ideas?

Thanks for your help....

I also find if I midi rec on several midi tracks, with ALL in midi input and 1 ~~ 16 on separate midi track, Samplitude would RECORD all the same data in each tracks??? then again, where do I make the fault? this is always related with Oasys and Karma module....

have a nice day and many thanks... :)

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I am sorry but, from where do I do the input filter in Samplitude?

The MIDI channel input filter is just besides the MIDI output channel field in the track editor (on the left).

Sometimes the MIDI channel input filter doesn't work correctly, so for testing, I suggest that you record the Oasys MIDI output on just one track since you can demix the channels any time later.

About the Karma recording problem: obviously the Oasys is not sending the generated Karma MIDI data, probably you have to change the Oasys karma setup somehow once more.

I have a contact with a Korg content programmer who uses Oasys, M3 , PA500 etc etc, I will ask him about karma MIDI recording, he is using samplitude, too, of course.



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