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Manging Plug Ins


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Im having problems with waves plugs guys.

Im trying to get em all showing up as DX but a few will keep showing up as VST's.

Anyway, main problem is Even after a uninstallthe waves plugs completely and re scan the folder , I STILL have the waves plugs showing up under DX in the plugs list. Even though they are now uninstalled and wont load. How can I get rid of em ??

The way Samp seems to handle waves seems very convoluted.

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I think it has to do wth waveshell. Out of curiosity...why dx vs. vst for waves. is dx a better option at that point?

I know that dx plugs kinda installed where they pleased for me so at leasting having all my vst in a main folder is nice. I make my own sub folders for vsti's and synth styles and what not.

but still seeing them when after you install...it migh be time to clean the ini file. there might be traces of waves in that.

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