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Sam 10 For Rent - Missing Serial - Magix Refuses To Provide Me One.


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I recently purchased the Samplitude 10 Standard version For Rent. Magix sent me the Pro Dongle for the activation by error. They are now sending me the correct dongle to activate this product.

My question is: Can I activate the Samplitude 10 standard using the serial number only.

Roald Kristiansen roald@ntl.sympatico.ca

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Dear Roald,

the dongle is a must for the RENT version, that's the reason they insist on sending you the right dongle. There is no serial issued for RENT versions.

There had been a system in version 8 with serial numbers also for RENT version. But to make things easier, it's bound to a dongle now.

It's definitely not nice that you got a wrong dongle.

Could you please send me a "private message" with the name of the person who sent you the shipment and who is the person sending you a new dongle. I would like to investigate this whole process to avoid problems in the future.

I hope you can still wait for the dongle. Meanwhile it should be possible to use the software fully during the 90 days grace period. If there is a problem, please let me know, I might be able to find a solution for that.

best regards,


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I was a registered user for samplitude 9 (classic) and in the update magix sendme sequoia box with disk and manuals, in the second try 10 pro . . . and few after days the 10 . . .

I have now a lot of boxes :)

wait for the dongle, call to 3 or 4 phones . . . and maybe magix sends a . . . . :)

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