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Auto Tune

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I haven't used Autotune but in Samplitude EA works on the Object level , after opening EA you can select the key and then click on Detect and then Tune . As far as realtime correction goes Elastic Audio doesn't work as an insert plug in unfortunately . So for that I think Autotune is the solution .



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Or the feeware VST Gsnap is good with a little practise....

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After reading about Elastic Audio I'm not sure if it's comparable to Auto Tune as I've seen it used in Pro Tools. In PT in playback you tell Auto Tune what key you're in and it automatically goes through and corrects pitch. It can do it in real time while recording also. Does Samp work like that?

In a nutshell: No.

It rather follows the initial pattern of Melodyne. It is semi-automatic. Besides that it is not real-time.



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I find EA to be superior. I have never been able to do the kind of tweaking I like to do with an insertable, real time, tuning plugin. I highly recommend that you check out EA.

...and yes, to answer your question, it can work in keys. But the level of control EA offers you goes beyond that.

Check out the tutorials on youtube.

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