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Samplitude 9se Midi Editing


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I'm a newcomer to Samplitude. I was working on a small project for my church and ran into a snag. My director had a single channel midi file done in 6/8 at 90bpm probably from Encore, as that's the notation software we generally use. For some reason she wanted it changed to 3/4, but lasting the same time. I think she was going to use it with another midi file of the song done differently. The way I've done that in Encore before is to note by note double the duration, change the time sig, then the bpm, then try to get everything aligned. A lot of effort. I thought I might do the same thing easier in Samp, by just doubling the start times and durations and changing the tempo. Couldn't get to square one, other than changing the tempo I think (this was last night and I was a bit tired). Is the Midi Editor in V9SE capable of this sort of manipulation? I tried going through the manual, but first of all it seems to be written for the full version and often its difficult to tell what features I have. But I didn't see anything (again, it was late, so I might have missed it) that sounded like what I wanted to do. I also tried doing a check through the midi topics forum. Did I miss it, is it not there, or is it that I just can't do this with my version?

Thanks for any guidance.

PS I've picked up a lot already just by reading the forums. Some of the explanations in the manuals assume a knowledge of other aspects of the programs so it's tough getting started, as the interface is a quite a bit different than the stuff I've been used to (CoolEdit2k/Audacity). Plus, I'm really not what you'd call a power user of either of those either, but I'm having a lot of fun, hence the purchase of a starter to a real DAW solution. Just one more step, though at my age, probably the last.

Thanks again.

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