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Cpu Issues


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i just built a intel quad core q6700 2.66 cpu and have 4 m ram and xp sp3 heavily tweaked (black viper tweaks) i also have a RME interface and thats how i got my first experience with sam. when i sold my mac book pro sam 8se came with the rme so i finally got a chance to use it. Sam 8se was stable and i could use multiple tracks with plugs ect, ect and very no nonsense -which is what i like. Now i bought sam 10 and upgraded to vista x 64 and sam 10 ran like crap - but so did every other program so i went back to xp; Live 7 now runs awesome and the whole thing is very fast but Sam 10 and 8SE still run horrible. The CPU meter on during a 8 track @ 16bit , 44.1 session is saying any ware from 95%-600% cpu use? i have tweaked ms services but all my other programs run great; do i need to have s MS service running for sam10 that that i dont know about? i should be able to have many more than 8 tracks @ 96% CPU hell in live 7 i can do 35 synths at 44.1/ 32bit plus multiple plugs and that cpu is running @ 40%..please help

ive just found that also the CPU spike come from only withing SAM 8 se /SAM10's monitor disk usage is 0% not on task manager SAM say 125% -500% but task manager only say 3% or so? i also have a RME FIREFACE 800 any issues with those drivers? it seems to only effect sam 8se and sam 10

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Hi Czar,

what's up with your buffer settings? What plugs are you actually running? Hybrid or Eco mode?


waves API eq and compressor on each track buffer is any ware from 128- 1024 - it doesnt really matter it still goes crazy does the same with out the plugs too tried both hybrid and eco mode

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