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Dvd/cd Labels & Cover Art

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I simply can not find this GUI for cover art and labeling for DVD/CD production.

I swear I saw it the other day, and now I'm losing my mind because I can't find it. I looked in the manual too. Was I possibly using another program?

It looked very nice.



Hi doctorcilantro, take a look to this route:

CD/DVD-->Make CD-->Print Studio


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You can also find the Print Studio exe file in the Cover Label folder in the samplitude directory...you can create a short cut to it on your desktop or quick launch tool bar. The import TOC funtion is handy...

Hi Tom,

Actually I try the Samp10 DLV version (and will probably buy it at the end of the free use period :) ) and it seems that this version don't have Print Studio but I have it from MS2007(12) and copying the folder from Music Studio 12 to the Samplitude folder make it work with Samplitude directly from the Make CD panel.

I also tried Acoustica Label Maker which seems to be great but I didn't find any possibility to import any track list from Samplitude.

If I find the 349€ to buy Samp10DLV, I think you will read me more frequently as this soft is so deep and has so more functions and flexibility than MS.

Thanks for your help.

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