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Easy Way To Make A Loop


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one feature i really liked in cubase SX3 was the ability to simply create a "loop" of a region by hi-lighting it then selecting SHIFT-G

this would define a range according to the hi-lighted region's start and end times and play in a perfectly synced loop/cycle between these two points until you hit stop.

all regions appearing between these newly created start & end points would be heard...not just the region you selected..

obviously we refer to "regions" as objects in Samp, but is there a way to define a range's start and end points from an object's start and end points without having to fiddle with dragging and snap tools to create a range ?

i've read through the manual quite a bit and watched a few video tutorials (by Kraznet) but my question isn't covered..

i know you can creat a range in a few different ways and loop off of that but it's a lot more time consuming than the way i was used to in Cubase... BTW.. don't confuse this with the Build Loop Object feature which i understand...


Shaun. :huh:

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