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Samplitude 9se 1ms Recording Delay?


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I recently got my hands on an Samplitude 9SE license and since im an old user of Samplitude 7 I just haved to try it out :)

Everything works perfect except that when i record i get an 1ms recording delay, i.e I play to the metronom and everything sounds great on the live playback. But when I listen to the recorded track there is a 1ms delay.

The hardware im using is an Edirol FA-66 soundcard, WinVista 32bit, 4GB ram, 3.6 GHz Intel Core2Duo and Intel chipset on 1349 connections.

I downloaded all the newest drivers from edirols website, I use the MME recording setup with the buffersetting set to 4096 (don't know if this does any diffrence?)

The instruments i use is KORG Triton Studio 88, KORG Triton LE 76 and KORG X5D.


Jhonny Eriksson

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It's all a latency problem <_<

You should use the Record Offset in the Recording dialog to compensate this delay.

You will have to measure the delay. The simplest is to play a track, loop the output of your soundcard to the input and record on a new track. Then chance the unit of measurement to sample and measure the delay between the two tracks. Enter this number in negative (if I remember well) in the Record Offset.

pentalamia, why don't you use the ASIO driver ?


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