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Samplitude/vsti's/keyboard= No Sound?


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Ok, my english is not the very best, but I’ll give it a try. :unsure:

I’m trying to get the VST’is to communicate with Samplitude and my keyboard. Been following two good setup-tutorials.

Nr 1: http://www.samplitude.com/video/tutorials/...20Tips_WMV.html

Nr 2:


I have a SoundBlaster X-Fi Xtreme Music, and there’s no problem finding it in the setup. The problem is that I can’t play the VSTI’s on my keyboard.

Samplitude can find and start the VSTI’s I have (EzDrummer & Broomstick Bass). And I can play around by clicking with the mouse. But when I try to play the VSTI’s with the keyboard there’s no sound at all.

I have a USB MIDI Interface between the keyboard and the computer. UM-2 driver from Edirol for that. It’s connected to one of the USB ports. Could that be the problem? Maybe it should be directly connected to my soundcard? But there’s no USB port for that.

I can find the CREATIVE ASIO in the Audio System setup for Samplitude. And in the MIDI setup “MIDI IN” I guess I have to pick USB-sound device, cus there is no other options to pick there. The MIDI OUT should also be USB- sound device? I have these options in MIDI OUT…

USB-Sound device

SB X-Fi Synth A

SB X-Fi Synth B

Microsoft GS Wavetable SW Synth

I really don’t know what’s the problem here. Maybe the Creative ASIO-drivers aint no good? Should I try ASIO4ALL instead? :)

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When I had a similar problem, this has worked for me (strangely enough):

1. Create a MIDI object in your VSTi track (MIDI -> New MIDI object ->empty 8 bar)

2. Doubleclick on the object to open the MIDI Editor and draw in some events randomly

3. Playback and listen to the object

4. Now delete the object and try again listening back by using your keyboard

Does this work for you?

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