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Export Object As Audio File?


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Is there a quick way to export an object, along with it's send effects as a single audio file? I do a lot of sound design for animation and I save all of my designed sounds out to my sound library for future use. Being able to quickly export an object would be a huge benefit to me.

I can do it the long way at the moment by selecting a region around the clip, soloing the track, and then exporting as audio file, but this way takes a long time when I have 20+ designed sound objects.

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Hi Superfly76, if you have all those objects in the same track, choose the "Set Track Indices on Objects Edges" option in the CD/DVD menu, (you can also setting a shortcut for this thing), now, File-->Export Audio-->Wave, (Ctrl+E by default), now in the window that will appear, Export Settings dialog, check the follow options:

Complete CD, Each CD-Track in a file and Use track number as prefix...and finally export.

There are several options in that window which will be useful for you depending of the work you want to do, you may exploring them calmly, but now, at least, you can start from that point in order to become familiar with them.

I hope this one be a solution for you.

Best regards.

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