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Switching Sequoia Interface Language?

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The reason I ask is because for some reason, having used an old version overlayed onto a new install, I seemed to have transformed to German, possibly due to a German patch, not that I can't understand quite a bit of the German, I just would like to operate in English as well. Thank you.

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You cannot change the language in the program. Installing the English

patch will change the language back to English. To download the English

patch, the language settings of the Samplitude download website have

to be set to English (or vice versa to German if you want to download

the German patch).

You can also install the English patch into a new directory and then

rename the file Sequoia.exe to Sequoia_E.exe and the help file

Sequoia.chm to Sequoia_E.chm. Renaming them will give you the

possibility to now copy both files to your existing Sequoia directory,

without deleting the German files that you already have.

Now you should be able to run Sequoia in German or English, depending

on which Sequoia.exe you run.


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