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Sfz In Sam9se


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I'm definitely new to this upper end DAW stuff, and VSTs expecially, still baffle me quite a bit. There's something I'm doing for my choir director that I'm trying to use my relatively new copy of Sam 9SE for, more as a learning exercise than anything else. I've got a midi file she made and a soundfont she used, and she wants some changes and for me to put a bass track along with the parts.

I can play the midi through the standalone SFZ player host (SAVIHOST) just fine. But when I set up the SFZ player in the midi track in samplitude and try to load the soundfont, I always get a warning dialog that there's not enough memory to load the soundfont.

I've tried reading the manual, but haven't had much success there--it seems I'm doing what it says to do, within the constraints of the SE version, but get the same error every time.

I did a search on this forum and found one response from a while ago that recommended the player, but there was nothing there on how to set it up and there were no follow-ups.Am I missing something? Is the SFZ player just too old to play well with my version of Samp?

PS I know most of my problems are due to ignorance: I'm not stupid or anything, but am still trying to learn the vocabulary and concept of object oriented audio processing. I did work part time in an analog studio as a tracking engineer a few decades ago when I was a student, so everything's not a mystery. Is there a manual for 9SE?? I downloaded the one for Ver9 that was on the website, but there are so many differences, most of which aren't mentioned in the manual, that I really get frustrated. I search and read and find something I think might work and the menu item or option I need isn't there. Is there some easier way?

Thanks for any advice.


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hi Terry,

I use SFZ1.97 player and I have this memory message sometimes. It appears only if I try to load a very big bank and when I have already load some other big vsti (like Independence which takes 400 mo of memory...).

SFZ player works very well here, but just for information, be careful if you "Save As..." or if you copy the project folder in another location. When you open the saved or copied project, SFZ will be empty, it can't find the sample and it doesn't give a message for that... So, you do Play, and all the tracks loaded with SFZ will be quiet !

I have tried some things, even put the sample in the project folder, but it seems that SFZ doesn't like you change the place.

best regards


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thanks for the hints. I actually did get it to work--sort of-- after I got home from rehersal last night. I tried the "DFD" mode. I had a bit more trouble getting the ins and outs set properly, but managed to get some sound out. Quite a number of LABS though, but I'm sure that's a buffers settings issue. I was just happy to get anything at that point. The SFZ+ player, on the other hand... never made that work. Got the soundfont to load (DFD again), but never managed to get sound out or even activity in the player. That was probably an in/out config thing, but I gave up. There doesn't seem to be much info out there about the various controls in SFZ or SFZ+ (like what the heck are the "Quality" numbers?). I've got the "unofficial" sfz format document--it's good--but it deals with the sfz files (and Rene's "extensions" of the sf2) very well and nothing about the player though.

thanks again

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My 2 cents would be to ditch sfz (or sfz+) and buy Kontakt or Dimension Pro to use with your soundfont.

Sfz is not regularly updated, is poorly documented (as you mention), and has various compatibility problems with newer software and hardware (e.g. multi core PCs) that I've discussed with the developer and other users on KVR (search the KVR Rgc forum to see).

Dimension Pro has more robust support for sfz features and playback, including important factors like proper release sample handling, although personally I would recommend Kontakt since it opens the door to so many other libraries and its format is more easily editable.

I know Sfz is free, which seems great, but my experience was that I would have rather paid sooner for Kontakt, and just got on with music making, than wasted time trying to get good results with an out of date VSTi.

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