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To Hear The Clicked Midi Note...


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i have to change something in my setup, but i don't know what. I've checked Alt P, but still the clicked midi-note won't generate audio in the midi-editor. What am i doing wrong here? When i play the whole track everything works fine, but i can't seem to find a way to hear the individual midi notes when editing them.

By the way, i'm using Samplitude 9 SE.

Edit: I'm using Nusofting's DK+ as a VSTi. I have chosen the option of four new audiotracks. Maybe this matters.

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Make sure that you have the midi track selected for that VSTi and also the speaker icon enabled . It should work then .



Thanks. I have changed the monitoring-options to hybrid engine, and now it works. Thanks anyway. :rolleyes: .

Edit: I had indeed forgotten to check the loudspeaker-icon. Stupid of me, but thanks for the pointer!

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