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How To Define 'modifiers' For Hardware Controller?


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is there a way to manually assign a given button on a hardware controller to one of the pre-defined modifiers in samplitude (control, option, shift)? also, can i configure a button to have more than one assinment? basically, my tranzport controller is not flexible enough to free me from the control room when i want to record and i need to be able to have the jog wheel assignable to 4 or more functions. currently i can only assign it by itself or with the shift modifier.

can i not make stop be the 'option' modifier while also remaining the stop function?

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of course you can assign the hwc-modifiers (to distinguish from keyboard modifiers, which work differently in samplitude) to your preferred buttons on your controller. this is done via systemoptions -> hardwarecontroller -> customize controller.

a button may have alternative functionality by using a modifier. there are exemptions. for example it doesnt make much sense to assign a modifier to a modifier+button combination. e.g. you want to put "shift" to "option + stop". in that case a button learned to "shift+"anything wouldn't work, because option would always also be active. so you would have to learn "shift+"anything to "option+shift+"anything which would things make only worse.

which functions would you like to control via the jog wheel?

"can i not make stop be the 'option' modifier while also remaining the stop function?"

-> never thought about it. maybe because if you want "option+" anything you would trigger also the stop function. while you are in stop this might not be a problem, but while playing this could make things very uncomfortable.

so this is for now not possible, and as long as you don't convince me, that this could be so much better, it wont be regarded for development.

thanks for taking part in this forum

ciao falcone

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