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in sx or nuendo you can specify chanels physical input on which you can put an effect which will be recorded real time :

for example you put a compressor on it and as soon as you hit the record button ,the track will be recorded with a compressor on it.

can this be done in samplitude?


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Not directly using the internals effects. But why recording with the effects ?

Isn't it a better way to record the clean input with the effects in the monitoring and to be able to change the effects afterward ? You can then bounce each track to generate a new wav which includes the effect or let them as real time effects.


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You can try putting your effects on an aux channel and record/freeze/or mixdown the aux. channel with the effects turned on.

MUCH more flexible this way.

If you print your effects to the same track as your source, then you're stuck with the results.


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