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Burning Multiple Wavs To A Disk


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The latest version 9.

I really feel like I hardly know Version 9 (obviously) and am committed to learning that before I move to 10. Shortly after I got Samp, I got hit with a family illness that kept me away for the last 6-9 months.

I still don't know much but am committed to learning.

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Do these tracks already exist as WAV files? If so, see Kraznet's two new mastering videos. You can proceed just as if mastering a CD, but you can shorten each track by dragging the the right object handle. If you don't already have WAV files, you can create them by bouncing from within each song's individual VIP.


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How do I know if they are wav files?

I'm tring to post a 30 second clip of 6 different tracks. I have recorded these tracks and they are sitting in a VIP. I have done nothing else to the tracks. I'd like to take from 1:45 in the song to 2:15 and burn those six different drum tracks (sn, kik, OHs etc) onto a CD so that I can upload them over at Gearsluts for some mix ideas.

Would someone talk me through the process? I am an idiot.


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I am obviously not being very clear with what I want to do.

I try to get specific but the only real answer I've gotten is "it's easy to burn a CD."

I can burn a cd. I have figured that out and yes, it is easy. What I'm trying to do is burn 6 seperate, individual tracks from a VIP to a CD.

track 1 - just the snare drum

track 2 - just the kick

track 3 - just left OH

track 4 - just right OH

track 5 - bottom snare

track 6 - room

I want to be able to upload each track seperately to a server so that someone can download them and load them to their DAW for mixing. 30 second clips of each track (from 1min45sec >>>2min15sec).

Sorry about the confusion. I hope someone can help.

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Try this

1 Back up all files first ( MY standard operating procedure)

2 I would also save a copy of the vip and work on the copy

3 trim the objects to the length you want (all with the same starting point), group them (so they stay in sync) and move them to the beginning of the vip

4 delete all unused objects in the copy VIP

5 save the new complete VIP in a new folder (File -Save complete VIP...)

6 select Copy only samples used in VIP - the waves you need will be copied to this folder

7 navigate to the new folder and the wav files you want should be there to be copied as separate "WAV files" to your CD (not as audio files)



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As always in Samp, there are several ways to go:

1. Draw a range over the 30 sec.

2. Solo the snare

3. Perform a track bounce, give a nice name to the bounce.

4. Do the same for the other parts of the kit.

5. Create a new VIP and load the bounces into it.

6. Create trackmarkers, burn.

This method will also work well with heavily edited source material.



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