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Aux Solo On Hardware Insert?


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I'm demoing Samplitude 10, and had a puzzler...

I inserted a hardware send/receive (ie. as an aux send) to an effect unit, and it appeared to work without a problem. *Except* that I was unable to Solo either the send channel or the aux return channel (as apparently the originating sound source channel aux sends were muted by the Solo). I wasn't using an exclusive-solo, and my general expectation is that if I can see something on a meter, I should be able to Solo that track to hear whatever it is. But such was not the case.

Is this a bug, or simply a limitation of the implementation of hardware inserts for Samplitude? (or operator error??)

Having a "true" hardware insert (like a VST) would be much better, obviously. Though that does apparently raise technical issues as to how to handle bounces/freezes if a hardware insert is on a track. Is there any plan to implement such a thing?

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I noticed the same limitaton on a project last week. I wanted to hear only the return from a hardware reverb. My work-around was to temporarily change the aux send to per-fader, and pull down the fader on the vocal track in question.


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