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Hardware Controller Setup And Bcr2000


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i use the BCF2000 in Logic-Control-Mode. It works fantastic. I am even able to select the inserts of the mixer: all knobs are autoamtically assigned to my hardware controller.

Unfortunately it doesn't works for synths. Even thought they are displayed in the insert slots, it is not possible to assign the knobs of the synths.

Therefore i tried to change some entry in the hardware controller setup. I used the template "Logic Control".

The question is as follows:

In the hardware controller setup you have to assign a function to the learned midi signal of your hardware controller. I tried the VPot-function, but the synth doesn't react.

If i select a knob of the synth and press the right mouse button, i am able to assign the hardware controller knob to the knob of the synth. I am able to spin the knob with my hardware controller. But the hardware controller doesn't receive the movements of samplitude: if i spin the knob in samplitude, the LEDs of my hardware controller are not updated.

How can i solve the problem?

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in general this should work. as you report of problems i took a closer look to confirm this. i found some problems, which i have to further investigate. so your request is not ignored, but a final description of whats going on / or wrong is not available yet.

some VSTIs work here, some dont. this is the current finding.

ciao falcone

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after further review the call on the field stands. :)

the vst / vsti without hwc is controlled by mouse, which windows sends directly to the vsti - code. sam doesnt get that information. the vsti might send its changing parameters to sam via the automation interface (a part of vst standard). when a vst / vsti doesnt implement that inferface sam will not recieve the parameters, and their values. so sam is not able to send them to the hwc.

the problems i mentioned only affect performance not functionality.

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