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Cd Burning Wont Work


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I tried posting this a few months ago in the Magix Music studio forum, and had no luck, so I'll try here. When I try to record a CD, I get the same thing every time: it starts, says "writing lead-in," and then I get the following warning/error code announcement:

Cannot write to disc -> Write Error (ASC/ASCQ OC/00)

Possible reasons: record speed too high

Damaged CD-R

Driver Trouble (Please start trouble-shooting)

Your CD burner does not support very long disc

I have a Plextor 800A which is an IDE type drive hooked up as the master directly to the motherboard. Before it was slaved to an IDE hard drive. I thought this new set up would solve my problem, but it didn't. I downloaded and ran Magix' latest burn routines; again, no help. Someone at the other forum suggested a visit to Plextor for new drivers, but there are none. Some other bit of esoterica was suggested as well, but I couldn't figure out what was meant. Any suggestions?

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There were no firmware updates at Plextor's site either . . . is a Lite-on drive an outboard drive that plugs in to a USB port? Or is it an in-the-computer drive? The Plextor does work with all the other programs. In fact, I had a Sony before this, and the results were the same--same error messages. I've had nothing but trouble with burners since I got this computer. The original crapped out after about 3 months or so. The Sony still works, but I wanted to be able to burn DVDs, so I got the Plextor. I can only have three onboard devices, so I can't have two working burners in the computer at once. (There's an extra hard drive in there that I installed.)

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