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Midi In Sam 10.2 Pro


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Hmm, I had no problem playing sound via midi keyboard controller up until I installed the Tranzport (which works well). For some reason I lost my place as to how to set keyboard midi control. I thought both the Tranzport and Keyboard could be used in a project but it's not happening. I am able to load VST instruments but not able to trigger the sounds although the meter reacts and tells me I'm triggering something but there is no sound.

Forgive me, I thought there was a tread on this very same subject. However, I was unable to find it or anything pertaining to there in.

Thanks for any help. I am sure it is something simple but I just can't recall the steps. Call me lazy. Paging through the Pdf files is time consuming.

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Go to y->midi setup and deactivate the tranzport. I guess this is now the first one in the list.

You also have to look in all other dialogs if the tranzport appears. Only in the HWC dialog the Tranzport should be active - have a look at sync dialog alos.

Then it will work.



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