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This is weird. Everything was ok yesterday. Today I'm having one heck of a time trying to figure out why in the world am I getting a slight delay and echo sound when I want to record. It's almost as if the signal is being rerouted through another channel and back again. Checking the audio set up gives me no clue. Something is wrong and I'm about to do a system restore to see if it can be eliminated.

Before I do a restore here is a possible reason. Tell me if you think so and if there is a way to reverse it. Last night I copied the vocal track and paste it into another track. After listening to it a bit I decided to delete the track but I suspect it's still there somehow, somewhere! If this is so how do I get rid of the problem without totally starting from scratch. However, and I am thinking out loud here, I have also tried closing out the program without saving and then opening with no change. AND to top it off this problem seems to be happening in several other sessions. This leads me to believe in audio setup there's something happening I am not seeing.

Please help if you have

Any suggestions, insight, experience, comments, and or concerns?

Many thanks.

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Seems as if you have a kind of double monitoring. If you are satisfied with the latency you get with samp, you should deactivate the monitoring in your soundcard!

It easy to test:

Close Sam and play something...Can you hear the input? You have to eliminate this signal.

If you decide to use the direct monitoring of your soundcard, deactivate the inputmonintoring in Sam (use hardware monitoring).

Your second problem: ?? I have no clue what could happen- which version?



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Thanks for your help. Getting quite tired last night I decided just to shut down and wait till this morning to work on it. Wouldn't you guess! I fired up the PC. opened Sam, loaded the same project and the problem was gone!

I believe I've worn a bald spot at the top center of me head with all this scratching in wonder. Weired ....

By the way I'm using a PreSonus FP10 for sound.

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