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Need Some Help , If You Could


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Your system specs are fine. RME Fireface is very good, but quite expensive.

RME products are excellent and their support is first rate. A good investment.

If you have a desktop, I recommend a card interface. If a laptop, FF400 is what I would recommend.


Its a desktop , what kind of card interface would you think

alls i could find really was this one , http://pro-audio.musiciansfriend.com/produ...stem?sku=701376 .

I want to be able to run my home audio speakers as playback and guitar amps etc to record. so kinda looking for 2 inputs , 2 outputs and a digital out. I was using the m-audio 410 worked ok till it pooped out right away.

Im using a boss loop , (has 2 outputs and 2 sub outputs), running into guitar rig. SO i should be able to run the sub outs of the loop pedal into whatever card interface i buy right? then if it has a digital out run that into my reciever and use it as playback?? does that make sense or not?

EDIT : i would kill for that card , but unfortunaltly its way out of my budget , anything under 400 would be great.

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