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How Measure Peak And So Raise Master To -4db


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You've made an a priori decision to have it peak at -4 dBFS? I don't really understand why, but the easiest way would be to play the loudest part, hit the N (for normalize) key in the master section, and then back off the fader by 4 (well, 3.9) dB.


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David's method is perfect when you want to treat a single object (or grouped/multi-selected objects) without FX/DSP.

When a more complex signal flow is involved, just playback the whole piece (or the loudest part of it), then click on the display of the peak value in the master section of the mixer. The cursor will jump to the position with the highest volume (and now all FX has been taken into account, as the measurement takes place in the master itself). When you have found this peak position you can easily adjust the desired headroom.



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