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Moving Bus Automation With Objects


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I need to add another bar to the start of my song. Is there a way to move the automation on my busses along with the objects?

Which Samp are you using.

In 9(SE) there's an icon on the toolbar which links auto curve and object tiogether. Then you copy the object (ctrl C), place the play cursor at the bar where you want the object to be and paste it.

In 10 (SE) there's a similar thing. I tend to use the object editor to find exact positions because I don't use snap or quantise on my stuff.

Hope that helps.


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You could also try freezing the bus tracks - which would create an object I believe.

The automation curves should stay independent of the objects unless you want them to adhere (as you do). So, when unfreezing, the automation should remain (I think - not at my machine at the moment, and haven't needed this approach in a while :) )


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