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Mastering Assistant Opening At Digital Domain


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I posted this in the English newcomer forum because I didn't want to disrupt the regular stuff, but I think that this is a good place to advertise that:

After three glorious years here as the best assistant/audio engineer/mixing engineer I have encountered in my 35-40 years, Robin Reumers has to go back to Europe for technical reasons not worth going over in this post.

So I have to find a new mastering assistant. He or she has to be musically inclined, technically inclined, detail-oriented, well-trained (though he or she will receive the best training in the industry), and willing to move to Florida instantly.

If you know someone who may be interested, please ask them to call Bob Katz at Digital Domain (407) 831-0233 immediately. Thanks.

Bob Katz 407-831-0233 DIGITAL

DOMAIN http://www.digido.com

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Maybe really not the appropriate job for a newcomer...

And you forgot to mention as condition of employment "experienced Sequoia operator" :angry:

Right, no newcomers allowed :-). I just chose this forum because it didn't interfere too much with our regularly scheduled broadcasts.

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