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Tempo Managing In Samplitude


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Hi. i have been using Samplitude Music Studio for a while now, and really this $89 program dont stop impressing me.

I have been always needing some way of keep the tempo of real performances on piano (ralentando/accelerando, free improvisations without care about the metronome, etc) instead of drawing them or programming them after play with the metronome.

From the "Remix agent" to the Bar markers and elastic mode of midi objects, i cant say how much usefull and powerfull this tools are.

They are a little hidden to the first look, but them alone are a great value. I come to the Samplitude because the nice score editor i was missing in others program, but really each day i discover more value on it.

Thanks to developers for this tools. I appreciate them very much.

Best Regards

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Thanks, good to know!

Yes, i believe that always is room for improve. One thing that can be improved, imho, is to be able to manage the bar markers in the PIANO-ROLL in the same way you do that on the main track view. This could be handy if you are aligning to midi-events, since Samplitude dont have in-line edition, and the Piano-roll is more accurate displaying.

Best Regards.

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