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Music Studio 15 Premium Vs Samplitude Studio 15


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What is the difference between these? (Music Maker 15 Premium and Samplitude Studio 15) Seems like the feature lists are almost identical...price is even close. Is this the end of the Samplitude Studio line?


Samplitude Music Studio has the same interface than the major versions of Samplitude. Appear that Music Maker has a different one. Also, i believe that there are little but powerfull features that make the difference. By example, you dont have an Score Editor (in my case very important). Also it has less fx and aux number available to fill (2). Is possible that there are other differences not listed that make Music Studio more powerfull.

Download the demos and see by yourself is the best you can do, i believe, and found wich one works for you.

Best Regards.

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I have been asked to make some mastering from Music Maker projects (made by someone else....). So I installed MM to see how I could get this work from MM to my Samplitude and to see what can be done in MM.

Ok we know there is nothing to go directly from MM to Samplitude, but there is more : i discovered that even the producer edition of MM15 can't export wav 24bits :blink: . You can only use 16 bits and there is no automatic track bouncing...

The only reason why this was done on MM instead of MS is the manner the soundpools are managed. I don't know if it's really better than the file manager in MS and Samp.

Another important function I didn't find in MM is ... crossfades.

So for sure MM can't be used for any serious project. For the same price Music Studio is really more "open".


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