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Getting Ew Play To Work In Samplitude

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I took advantage of the 2for1 deal EastWest offered and bought their "Goliath" and "Symphonic Choirs" libraries.

After finding out that even the most up to date version of "Play" would not do what its name suggests (playing sounds) but instead crashes on my AMD based music PC I finally found an old, outdated Intel based case and put it together. Now Play at leasts plays.

BUT: I cannot find a way to show Samplitude 10 the VST plugin. I did copy the play_vst.dll to my general VST folder (all other VSTi in there are being displayed correctly in Samplitude). I did rescan that directory, I did several reboots etc. It still does not show up. All other plugins do.

Does anyone have a suggestion how to proceed? It seems EW support is not very interested in hearing/reading the name "Samplitude", yet I would like to offer them help in broadening their customer base ... or, to be more precise, I would love to use their software from inside my Samplitude :-)

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Problem found.

It was another East West plugin (a demo from 2006) which caused the Play VST to immediately quit. I haven't digged into the VST API yet, but I could imagine a conflict of IDs. It seems both plugins wanted to share the same slot.

Removing the demo plugin made "Play vst" appear. Working so far.

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