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Hi. I'm recording with Samplitude 10 SE, using my usb asio driver at 128 samples/24 bits/48khz.

Everytime i finish recording an audio track (mono or stereo) i got the message: "3" record errors ocurred ("3" can be 1, 10...the number vary from recording to recording).

I guess this indicates that i should raise my asio buffer size, but the sound quality is great, no pops or clicks, just the message...

If i raise the asio buffer to 256 samples that message doesn't show up but the latency is noticeable (i know it seems a small buffer size but it's an usb card and anything bigger than 128 in my system is not good to record...like if i had more than 10ms of latency).

I've tried the samplitude optimization guide and i have windows xp optimized for audio, wireless disabled...but the only thing that seems to work is raising my asio buffer size.

Can anybody help me?


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