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Hi, Although I'm new to Samplitude I have a lot of experience with Cubase SX3, and I can't work out this take composer business and it's driving me nuts. I do, say, ten takes of a voice, and when I go to open the take composer it only gives me three or sometimes one. For example, say I record from take 50 to 60. Maybe takes 51 and 60 only will show as being there. I know the others are there somewhere because if I drag out take 60, copy it, paste it somewhere, and pull the audio backwards the other audio is there, but the takes and their numbers do not show in the composer. What is up???

Would appreciate some help this doesn't make sense.

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Go to the Samplitude.com site and check out the video for take composer.

Thanks but I have. The video shows you some basic stuff about comping but doesn't explain what I am doing wrong. If I do xxxxx takes then xxxxx takes should appear in the take composer, but they don't. Is it a bug? (I don't think so).

Here's what I am doing:

1. Prepare track for record.

2. Record then press spacebar to stop record.

3. Record another take same way on top of the original take.

4. After doing all takes, select the take on top, right-click and choose take composer.

5. Only 2 or 3 of the takes appear.

Any other suggestions?


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