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Samplitude 11 Drum Editor


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They weren't quantized and I wasn't zoomed out, in fact, I tried to zoom in and the problem was still there. Here at home with Samplitude 10 and the same project I've got no problems of this kind whatsoever. I don't have Samplitude 11 , but I can post what I'm trying to show you with Samplitude 10. The first file is what should have been seen. The second file is a reproduction of what I saw yesterday, instead of blocks, extremely narrow vertical lines. What I think it's strange is that it's the same file and the same project. Anyway I don't think it is a bug......



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Actually I found out what it's all about. On each instrument line there's a parameter called "cell width" I guess........so when I opened the samp10 project in samp11 the cell width changed automatically to 25%. That's why I saw not the whole cells but only narrow vertical lines. Why samp11 did this I'm not sure, this must have been a bug or so. Thanks anyway

I've never seen this problem in Samplitude and I've used the drum editor extensively. It looks like some kind of graphics corruption . I don't think it's Samplitude bug.



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