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impossible to start Samplitude


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Hello there,

Seduced since long time with Samplitude, I decided to give it a try and installed a download version – well, not really, as problems started at the very begging. After installation, the program simply crashed over and over (sometimes even during installation) – wasn't really able to give it any try. Since I am more than 15 year in the business, I learned many things about hard and softwares, so employed all the possible tricks: installed Sampli on the fresh xp including sp2 and sp3 (without any other softs on it), tried with all the possible drivers of three audio cards (all separately of course and namely: maudio firewire audiophile, focusrite saffire 26/10 firewire, and the older wavecenter pci), tried on ata as well as sata disks, all the winxps are tuned for audio use, with all possible motherboard updates, drivers, bios changes as well as without them...just to name few strategies employed. On the very same machine – asus P5GZ-MX, intel cpu 6600 2x2.40 Ghz, 2GB of ram, no internet, office or any other stuff, maximally audio optimized – cubase, finale, ni instruments, max/msp and many plugs work just like a charm, never a slightest problem. When I tried Sampli (downloaded it on a several occasion for any case) on the other machine, I just thought it is a bad dream – the very same problem popped up. I have to underline here that the other PC is equipped with a similar asus mb (a slightly different model) which leads me to the idea that something has to be wrong with that series.

Anyway, anybody experienced a similar problem?(before I decide to buy another mb – this reminds me the beginning of 90's when we changed computer hardware as underwear just to fit it with a new daw or audiocard requests).

Any hint would be greatly appreciated – thanks!

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