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XP Pro 64-bit compatible w/ SAM 11 Pro?


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Moonbeam wrote:

Sep 7 2009, 05:23 AM

I'm on XP Pro 64-bit and Samplitude 10 Pro is working fine - no problems or crashes.

This bit of information was encouraging considering the number of thumbs-down responses I had accumulated regarding the use of Windows XP Pro 64 with any DAW.

I would like to purchase Samplitude 11 Pro provided it functions properly with XP Pro 64-bit OS.

I downloaded Samplitude Music Studio 15 Trial. Following instructions provided by an on-line tutorial, I opened the System/Global Audio Options, selected ASIO, enabled the ASIO driver from the list, and clicked OK. A BSOD immediately ensued.

While the other features of the trial version held my interest, I'm a bit reluctant to invest in a DAW that might prove to be useless.

Any comments/suggestions/convincing arguments are welcomed and appreciated.

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It's working awesome on my retail copy of Windows 7 Pro x64. I realize that you may not be in a position to upgrade your OS for various reasons but I would seriously consider moving to Windows 7 64bit for your DAW OS. XP is old technology, and support for it will soon be dropped. On top of that, there was never much support in the way of drivers/software for XP 64 as it is. Most development from here on out is going to be for Windows 7, not XP, which could cause issues for your down the road if you decide to stick with it.

Win 7 runs audio like a dream, and is VERY stable. BSOD's on Windows 7 are almost non exsistent. Cant say they wont happen, but ive seen one the whole time ive been running it (6 months on the RC, and now a couple weeks on the retail), and I caused it myself by doing something stupid.

Sam 11 probably runs fine on xp64, but I know by experience that Win 7 smokes XP by a long shot.

Good luck!

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SUPERpopmix, you are truly a breath of fresh air! Thank you for taking the time to address my question. I'll get right with the necessary purchases. Much obliged!

No problem! Anytime! Hope everything works out for you. :)

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