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sam 11 pro BLUE SCREEN


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Hi all

I was working on a project on sam 10 po then I upgraded to sam 11 pro.

I opened the project in sam 11 pro the first time and continued working then I closed it and I tried to reopen it again, it WON'T OPEN. after several tries it opened and closed by itself with the FAMOUS BLUE SCREEN just like the one we used to see in win 98.

I opened the same project in sam 10 pro ,it opens with no problems at all except for the missing plugins that come with sam 11 pro like vandal...

and the only way to open the project in sam 11 pro is to open it first in sam 10 pro.

my 4 questions are:

1---why the upgrade is installed in a different folder called SAM 11PRO ??? shouldn’t it be in the same folder of sam 10 pro???

2---should i remove sam 11 pro in install it sam 10 pro folder?

3---why do i get the BLUE SCREEN in sam 11 pro ,and not in sam 10 pro???

4---when i save the project, the saved icon has the old logo ,i mean like the one in sam 10 pro (blue) not the new brown one.

and i dont see the new_bak icon any more!!!!!!!!!!!!

my pc:

core 2 quad ,4 GB ram, win 7 64 with 1 uad card .

I really appreciate any help from you guys

and please keep in mind the the same project still can open in sam 10 pro.

thank you in advance

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