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Plugin Compatibility

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I need to upgrade my DAW because my plugins keep crashing my ageing Cubase SX2. I did some recording with Kraznet recently and was really impressed with Samplitude, particularly the object editing features. Learning a new DAW is going to be quite a task, but I'll kind of have to do that anyway now, so in for a penny...

These are the plugins I use, will these all be compatible with Samplitude?


East West Play (Goliath, Symphonic Orchestra, Fab 4)


Battery 3

Spectrasonics Trilogy

Line 6 Pod Farm

Thanks. :lol:

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Trilogy will work, but only if you turn off the option in Samp to disable the low-latency engine during mixdown and track freeze. Otherwise the change in buffer size caused by that setting will cause Trilogy to go out of time.

Keep in mind that Trilian and Omnisphere aren't fully compatible with Samp yet -- this may be something to do with Samp apparently not fully supporting the VST2.4 standard.

However in other respects I can warmly recommend Samp, it's a great host with many useful features all in one place.

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However, no issues with Omnisphere here. :lol:

Even when clicking notes in the midi editor with the hybrid engine enabled? :lol:

Yes. The note-off issue doesn't seem to happen here on all (sustained/pad-type) patches. :P:)

Haven't figured out yet why only Omnisphere does this.

<workaround is to set a hotkey for MIDI panic/note off>.


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