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Good evening everyone. I would be really greatful if I could get some help.

Here's the short version:

Today I discovered that in Samplitude there is a "ALLOW BONUS TRACKS BEFORE TRACK 1" feature in the Disc options menu when buring a CD which I'd really like to use in the album I'm making, however here is my problem.

I'm using a program named "samplitude MUSIC STUDIO 14" ©2007, and it dose not have this feature. Now I'm trying to work out what program I need on the net but I'm getting really confused with what 'Samplitude' is and what 'Music Studio' is and XXL editions and delux edition. So this is what I want to know...

Which versions of which Magix programs do I need to create a hidden track in the pre-gap?

I'm still going to try to look for the answer but if anyone could throw some light on the subject I'd be so greatful. Thank you. Take care.

Elliott x x

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