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My first post. Pretty cool place.

I've got 24 seperate files (VIPs?) in ver 8 (with 9 engine) and am having trouble deciphering HOW to mix down, master and then burn a CD. I've got each song file with the right FX and tone I want. Since it was a school concert and some kids played on mic, off mic etc there is going to be quite a lot of volume adjusting to do while mixing. Can't seem to find an auto mix (I'm an old Roland VS1680 user) to memorise my fader adjustments whilst using the mixer window. I'd be very wrapped if someone could please point me to a tutorial/discussion link. Tried the homemade vid tutorials but couldn't find what I was looking for. I can't make heads nor tails of my manual.

Also can I burn a CD from my 24 files or do I need to make one large file with track markers first?

Thanks in advance,



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A VIP is a Virtual Project in Samplitude (a project file). A VIP is then made up of tracks, and each track is made up of one or more objects (recorded wav files, MIDI data, etc). So I'm a little unsure of exactly what you're starting with, but I'm going to assume that you have 24 objects (songs) in a project. If that's the case, just line up all of your objects on a single track in Samplitude and choose "Set Track Markers on Object Edges" from the CD menu.

As far as setting the volume, you've got two options--you could either set the volume of each object in the Object Editor by double-clicking on each object and setting the volume fader there, or you could use Mixer Automation to move the faders manually and record your fader moves. To use Mixer Automation, you'll need to open the Mixer window, and click the Automation (should be marked as either "A" or "Rd") button on your track to read your fader moves, then click Play on the Transport. Make your moves as needed, and when it's finished, hit stop. Then click the Automation button again to put it into Read mode. Now, when you playback, it will automatically make your fader moves for you.

When you're finished with the above, in the menu click CD>Make CD.

P.S. Welcome to the Samplitude forum.

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