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Ok. Finally decided to get Samplitude Pro and I think I like the SFR option paying certain amount every month and getting the payed upgrades for free.

However, while reading the SFR FAQ I have found something that is not that clear to me:


When may I need a new access code number other than for the quarterly activation?

You may have to change hardware components that make Sam for rent think that the license is valid for a different computer. In such cases, please contact the service team to receive a new access code number.

How many new access codes can I apply for?


Doest this mean that I cannot have Samplitude installed on multiple machines (desktop and laptop) and choose which machine I would like to use by moving the dongle between them? My understanding of the quoted text is that SFR is bound to the hardware.

In other words: If I want to have the *only* advantage of the dongle (being able to use any machine I like, just by moving the dongle), I have to buy a normal Samplitude Pro license instead of using the SFR licensing model?

Another question - is there any information regarding changes in the SFR licensing (montly payments etc.) for the upcomming V10?

Any information would be appreciated. Already sent one of these questions to samplitude@magix.net, but still no answer.


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I'm not sure, but I don't think Magix offers SFR anymore, and we're now on V11.1.

Where are you planning on buying Samplitude, and have you tried the 30-day demo yet?


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