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how to do that ?


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I have recorded 4 short simultanious track into the V8 demo but when I try to adjust one track from side to side they all seem to "stick" together (they turn the same color) so I end up moving all 4 tracks from side to side and I only want to move one track

When I click on one track all 4 tracks turn the same color - I have found out that if I hold down the Ctrl botton I can turn of the color of each track with the mouse and leave the track I want to move with the color on - but as soon as I click on the track with the color on (and I have turned the color of the other 3 track) all 4 tracks turn on the same color again and they all move at the same time

How do I turn that off so the tracks do "stick" together and I can move one track from side to side without all the other tracks move at the same time?????


Cadillac shocks and struts

Chevrolet shocks and struts

Shock absorber

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